Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My 2nd Bridal Shower

My second bridal shower was thrown by my supervisor and dear friend Lyn
she truley is an amazing lady :0)

This bridal shower was just my co-workers so it was a nice and relaxing afternoon .....

that is until the stripper got there! I was shocked! We had a great time, I found out at the end of the shpwer that poor Lyn had nightmares of Jared calling off the wedding because he found out they had gotten me a stripper. I assured her he would not be upset :0)

Oh and this is my awesome cake!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Bridal Shower

I was so excited about this day and a little nervouse Im not a big center of attention person but it was so much fun. My bridal shower was beautiful and perfect, it was filled with everyone I love and is dear to me :0)
This is a picture of me and my bridal party from left to right
My friend Tina (Bridesmaid)
My sister Gaby (Bridesmaid)
My cousin Isela (Bridesmaid)
Me!!! :0)
My cousing Vanessa (Bridesmaid)
My friend Christine (Maid of Honor)
My friend Sonia (Bridesmaid)

My Mom, siste and me :0)

Me Tina Chris and Sonia

Vanessa and Isela dressing the bride :0) heheheh

Me with the other brides

Vanessa, Tina, Me, Sonia and Isela

My sis Gaby and me :0)

Me and my Maid of Honor

Isela, Corrina, Me, Carrie and Vanessa

Patricia, Carrie, Corrina and ME :0) hehehe

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The start of the wedding planning

I started actaully planning our wedding in February of 2008
It was very important to Jared to be married in his childhood church, his grandfather was a Deacon there and his grandmother a Sabath School Teacher.
Being Seventh Day Adventist we decided we would find a holiday weekend this way we could be married on a Sunday at our Church and still be able to have a big celebration without worrying about our guests having to work the next day. This is how we came up with our wedding day of Sunday May 24th, 2009 :0)

My first task was to book the church, this was a bit tricky because the chuch we attend host's the graduations for the schools of medicine, nursing, and dentistry, and of course they are held on the very day we wanted to be married. After a lil persuasian I was able to book the church and the time I wanted.
My Second task was to book our reception venue we loved the rustic yet elegant look and feel the Mitten Building offers and we were lucky enought to be booking so far in advance that the venue was available for us! :0)
After these two major tasks I kinda slacked for a while i had previousely found a wedding board called "The Knott" there are forums and you are able to share wedding idea's and recomendations with other soon to be brides(Knotties), well needless to say I've spent many hours there without these amazing group of women I would not of been able to plan and have the wedding of my dreams! These Knotties have since grown to be friends and I am lucky to have them.
I took a little time off from wedding planning and decided to have some fun I picked my bridal party which consisted of my dear friends and closest cousins and of course my favorite sister(Ok so she's my only sister, hehehehe) The girls were amazing!!!! Even though they all have families and a million things to do in their everyday lives they were always there and willing to help.

Just a lil background

Jared and I meet in late August of 2000. We both had children from previouse relationships so we took things slow and after a year of dating we moved in together.

On Christmas Eve 2006 Jared asked me to marry him! :0)
It was such an amazing day I was excited, happy and overwhelmed beyond words.

2 months later in Februalry of 2007 we purchased our beautiful home!

Our Family

So I decided to start a picture blogg. Basically its to post pics of special moments in our lives with our family and friends.

After 8 years together Jared and I fianlly had a family picture taken :0)